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SRE interview questions and job descriptions

SRE interview questions and job descriptions

With numerous technological advancements, companies have started to rely heavily on CNC machining technology to keep up with the… Having an error budget for smooth functioning and achievement if the system’s goals. I have gone through your company’s work culture and policies, and they look impressive.

Site Reliability Engineer questions

The head is followed by nodes, which include a data element and a reference to the next data element. The final node, the tail, includes the data element and a reference to null, indicating the end of the list. A service-level agreement is the uptime promise that we make to a customer.

What is a linked list?

This term was first coined by Ben treynor, a software engineer at google in 2003, this practice started lot earlier than DevOps movement. Shortly, after implementing SRE at their premises treynor’s team shortly launched SRE ebook to aware the industry about the practice. The domain name system is a decentralized naming system for resources connected to the internet or a private network. These resources are assigned internet protocol addresses, which are defined strings of unique identifying numbers that follow a precise format. However, humans cannot feasibly remember IP addresses, so DNS allows the assigning of a human-readable name, such as, to use in place of the IP address. Our products help software companies – thereby empowering businesses and individuals to .

Site Reliability Engineer questions

Site reliability engineering involves managing the relationship between the DevOps and IT infrastructure departments within Google. The Google interviewer will ask you a question about the difference between DevOps and site reliability engineering to understand how you perceive this. When an interviewer at Google asks this question, they are less interested in your understanding of cloud computing and more interested in your communication skills. As a site reliability engineer, you will need to communicate with key stakeholders across Google.

To avoid this, we want to create a tool to identify “confusing” cities: cities with at least 3 hotels with the same name.

This question may appear to be similar to one that the Google interviewer has already asked. It is common to be asked several questions about the same topic in an interview. One reason for this is that the interviewer has a specific interest in this area and wants to explore it in great detail. Another reason is to ensure that you are being consistent throughout the interview with Google. This should not be an issue as long as you answer the questions honestly.

Walk me through the process of determining if a Google development team should work on new features or pay down technical debt. This article will help you learn in greater detail what you need to know to not only be successful, but one of the best SREs. Containers are similar, except they do not contain the base layer operating system. Instead the control layer provides the operating system access while also keeping the containers and their processes isolated from one another.

Google Parent Alphabet to Cut 12,000 Jobs – The New York Times

Google Parent Alphabet to Cut 12,000 Jobs.

Posted: Fri, 20 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Site Reliability engineering focuses on combining the DevOps team’s most effective techniques and the IT company’s requirements. DevOps focuses on creating software program applications, whereas the IT framework team oversees implementing the applications. The site Reliability Engineer addresses issues of lowering business silos developed by these two groups and leveraging innovation and automation to improve operations. We achieve this by determining whatever and identifying possibilities for procedure enhancement. This is a technical question that seeks to reveal if you know a specific concept.

Question 1: How do you decide if the team should work on new features or paying down technical debt?

The error budget is the tool an SRE team uses to automatically reconcile a company’s service reliability with its pace of software development and innovation. Glassdoor has 79 interview questions and reports from Senior site reliability engineer interviews. As a prospective Google site reliability engineer, you are expected to have a working knowledge of some of the more common operating systems. While you don’t need to be proficient in writing Linux code, you should be familiar with some key commands. If you’re asked about a command that you’re not familiar with, readily admit this, and then describe how you would go about obtaining the information.

Some organizations will have dedicated DevOps teams where others will simply follow DevOps methodologies. SRE inherently feeds into a forward-thinking, efficientDevOps culture. By taking the time to identify reliability concerns and building a team dedicated to addressing them, you’ve already started to shift reliability and testing further left into the development lifecycle. Additionally, SRE helps feed IT concerns and information back into the development teams – leading to faster, more resilient software development. SREs are not network engineers, but networks are critical to computing and service delivery.

Site Reliability Engineer questions

Service level objectives and service level indicators are the keystones of the work SREs perform. Interviewers at Google will be interested to learn how you go about establishing these and whether you are open to changes once the project is underway. They’re looking for a balance between commitment to the metrics used by SREs as well as the flexibility to change when circumstances demand it. Since site reliability engineers deal with a lot of data in their measurements and analysis, you need to be able to work effectively with database tools. Each organization has a preference for which databases and tools they use, so the SRE needs to be flexible and able to adapt to new environments.

They ask questions on four pillar of Nutanix

How they answer the question will indicate the candidate’s ability to solve a problem to meet a deadline. SLO can be a specific measurable characteristic of SLA like availability, throughput, frequency, response time, or quality. These SLOs togethe define the expected service between the provider and the customer while varying depending on the service’s urgency, resources, and budget. SLOs provide a quantitative means to define the level of service a customer can expect from a provider.

Their goal is to spend much less time on the former and much more time on the latter over time. Reducing the organizational silos, by sharing the ownership among software engineers, product team and SREs by using same set of tools. As the interview progresses, the interviewer at Google will continue to ask you technical questions. The difficulty of these will vary depending on where you are in the interview, your responses to previous questions, and the nature of the interviewer.

Along with DevOps methodologies, SRE helps bridge the gap between IT and developers. And, even if your team still believes in the “throw-it-over-the-wall” mentality between traditional IT and development, SRE teams can still retroactively add value to your systems. By running tests in production and continuously adding new functionality dedicated to resilience, SRE teams Site Reliability Engineer constantly find new ways to make people, processes and technology better. An SRE usually will come out of a software engineering team- they will be able to code at a senior software engineer level. I would almost say a CS degree is required because the depth that they will dive into kernel level operations or software is more than your average coding and scripting.

However, during my first years in this field, I forgot to update the asset maintenance plan, which almost cost the company. This experience taught me the importance of regular updates and documentation. This job may be demanding, which has pushed lots of people to quit or start new ventures. However, since you have managed to stand your ground, it is only right for the interviewer to know your motivation or inspiration source. A soft link is an actual link to the original file that can cross the file system, allows you to link between directories, and has different inode numbers or file permission to the original file.

How To Prepare for a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Interview

FinOps expert Mike Fuller talks about cloud billing challenges and how … Microsoft’s Azure Load Testing rolls out with new features to create fast load tests, securely push code to test environments and… The scope and number of tools will depend on the size and complexity of the organization. This would ensure everyone in the team knows what kinda person he/she is. 99% of the cases, people would give up and share everything out of embarrassment. Any mention of conferences, online courses, professional groups, message boards, and authors show an eagerness to learn. Answers should reveal that the candidate is comfortable sharing their insight when it can benefit the company.

  • This will help you interpret the code created by the DevOps team and understand how it is used in production.
  • I would talk to the customers using the system and see what issues they were noticing.
  • The interviewer is testing your knowledge on production management philosophies that are essential in your line of work.
  • Often during an interview, the interviewer will ask you to compare two terms used in this profession.
  • From there, they can make or request the required changes to make the platform more reliable.
  • Kill, as the name suggests, will stop or eliminate all the procedures with a particular name.

If you want to join an SRE team, you’ll need to understand how you can leverage both internal and external outputs to determine overall system health. Then, you should be able to translate that information into insights and action for IT and engineering teams. This is an excellent technical question to determine how you’ve set upmonitoring and alerting tools and how you’ve helped define the “healthy” state of a system in the past. From coding to automation, SRE skills reach far and wide A site reliability engineer wears many hats.

Briefly Describe Your Experience

When I go to lunch with one of the developers, I’ll ask questions that indirectly get to those issues. Proper SREs at proper companies are really elite software engineers. Those unable to make the jump to microservices still need a way to improve architectural reliability. Understand the role of an SRE vs. cloud engineer While SREs can play a distinct role in cloud computing, they don’t replace the need for cloud engineers. A hiring organization will rarely ask a candidate to actually code, but the evaluation might include architectural discussions of using code to address certain problems. BitTorrent is a good tool and I believe Twitter or Facebook has developed this kind of distributing tool based on BitTorrent protocol.

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